Wendy Martineau

Widening the conversation: Reflections from political philosophy, psychology, music & more…

I am a social researcher, writer, activist, mother and songwriter with a PhD in political theory, based in the UK. I’m passionate about helping to create a world in which every person is able to flourish to their full potential. Currently focusing on 101 things including working on a book based on my doctoral thesis ‘Achieving Cross-Cultural Understanding’, writing my first fiction novel and researching issues around social and emotional well-being & the impacts of covid.

This blog will use broad ranging ideas from political philosophy, psychology, literature, music and my own particular experiences of the world to think through current issues. If there’s an overarching unifying theme it is that of how we cultivate conditions for openness, connection and creative dialogue, both within ourselves and in the external world, in order to address the multiple challenges we face.

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